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Wed – May 11, Trail Conditions Update

Snow Top Deer Valley

Looks like we’re in store for a beautiful rest-of-the-week and weekend. Get out and go pedal, damn it. From Mountain Trails Foundation:

Yesterday’s strong winds have quickly transformed our muddy trails into tacky hero dirt and for those of us chomping at the bit to roll, run or walk on single track once again, that’s welcome news!

The north facing aspects of Rusty Shovel and Lost Prospector as well as the Hwy 40 side RV trails still have pockets of mud, so tread lightly or maybe avoid these areas for another day? And we’re about due for a dry weekend, right? Have a great one out there!

It’s sure to be a busy weekend on the trails, so remember to be courteous to other trails users. Additionally, all the rain, has made for some lush trails with overgrowth that can make for lots of potential blind spots. Slow down and give yourself some extra time through the corners as you never know what’s going to be on the other side this time of year.

We recommend checking out Princess Di trail for beating the crowds this weekend.

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