Local Info & FAQ

Is there camping in Park City?

While there is no camping in Park City proper, there are a number of campgrounds close by. Please refer to our camping in Park City page for more information.

I don’t have a bike, where can I rent one?

Park City has no shortage of bike shops with road and mountain bike rental options.

I have never mountain biked before, do I need a lesson?

Park City has singletrack and doubltrack trails for all ability levels. If you know how to ride a bike, but have never ridden on singletrack, we’d recommend starting out on the rail trail or similarly flat & wide dirt trail such as Willow Creek trail. Once you feel comfortable riding on dirt, perhaps check out Matt’s Flat trail over at Round Valley and start building your confidence on some of the mellow singletrack that’s nearby.

With that said, most of the resorts and bike shops offer guiding services and bike lessons if you’d like to have someone show you around and help progress your skills.

How do I avoid collisions on the trail with other riders?

Proper mountain biking etiquette dictates that the UPHILL RIDER ALWAYS has the right-of-way, and that downhill riders should yield to all other trail users. We also encourage riders to ride with a bell that can be easily rung to alert other users as to your presence.

What is the best way to fly with my bike?

There are a number of options for traveling and flying with your bike. Please check out our flying with a bike resource page for more information.

Where can I find someone to ride with?

Many of the local bike shops host group and shop rides. Additionally, we recommend posting on the Park City Mountain Biking Facebook Page as well as the MTBR Utah Forum if you’re looking for a riding partner.

When is the best time to mountain bike in Park City?

Most of the lower elevation trails begin to melt in April and are rideable in May, however, it’s highly dependent on the previous winter’s snowfall. Typically, everything is dry by June and remains snow-free through September. Our favorite time to ride is in the fall when the leaves are changing and the air is cool.

How long does it take for trails to dry?

This is highly dependent on season and type of trail. Please visit our Park City trails conditions page for up-to-date trail conditions and resources.

Where can I find an area trail map?

Printed trail maps are published by Mountain Trails Foundation and are available at all Park City bike shops. Additionally, Mountain Trails has an interactive map on their website.

What type of mountain bike is best for Park City’s trails?

A short-travel, full-suspension trail bike is the optimal mountain bike for park city, however, most of the trails can be ridden comfortably on a hard-tail.

Are electric or pedal-assist bikes allowed in Park City?

At this time, e-bikes and pedal assist bikes are limited to paved trails and are not allowed on singletrack or natural surface trails.