Why Park City Mountain Biking?

Park City Mountain Biking offers brands and marketers creative content opportunities beyond the traditional media buying model. In today’s market, advertising solutions are most effective when they are integrated with existing strategies and marketing efforts. We achieve this by providing native and branded content opportunities that are as rich and editorialized as our original content utilizing witty copy, rich imagery & photography, motion, as well as an integrated social media and email campaigns.

Since the site’s inception, has seen steady growth across all channels. Throughout the peak summer season, the site gets over 6,000 unique readers and 10,000 page views. We have built our audience through tried-and-true organic and opt-in methods. Simply put, our readers and followers are here and continue to return because they like what we have say, or at the very least, find it engaging. We’ve accomplished this through providing relevant resources and targeted content available all in one place. Additionally, we provide our audience with discovery focused reports regarding gear, lifestyle, local food/drink, events, as well as trails & destinations.

Our core audience is made up of cyclists across the country. They are not just savvy consumers and travelers looking for the inside scoop, but crave content and products that inspire.

To advertise or work with Park City Mountain Biking, please reach out to Alex Deckard or send an inquiry through the form below.. Whether you’re a global cycling brand, local business, promoting an event, or simply looking for guidance, we’re happy to talk to you about plans both large or small. Let’s chat and do something great!

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