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Princess Di Trail

Princess Di Trail

Princess Di Mountain Bike Trail

Hate crowds and wide trails? Then Princess Di is the trail for you. Although the trail was built ten years or so ago, it sees a fraction of the traffic as other area trails. This can be both good and bad of course, depending on your preferences. If you like super-narrow, tight, twisty trail that’s more of an adventure, then you’ll love it. However, if you’ve become accustomed to Cadillac single-track, then it may not be the ride for you. Regardless, it’s one of the last spots you can hit on a Saturday and still have the whole thing mostly to yourself.

When to Ride Princess Di

Princess Di is best ridden in the spring & fall. The trail typically dries out around the same time as Glenwild & Round Valley, offering a nice change of scenery when the inventory is still limited. Sections of the trail are exposed without much shade, so best to avoid when temperatures are cooking.

Princess Di Trail Conditions

Unfortunately there is no resource for up-to-date trail conditions for Princess Di. If you’ve ridden the trail recently or ran any recon, feel free to leave a comment below.

Princess Di Apres Bike

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Princess Di Ride Options

The main trailhead for Princess Di is the Promontory Rail Trail parking area across from the fire station. From here, it can be ridden as a loop utilizing the Rail Trail in either a CW or CCW direction. We recommend the CW direction as it gets the stretch of Rail Trail out of the way at the start of the ride.

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