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The Rider & The Wolf : The Disappearance of Mountain Bike Pioneer Mike Rust

1-8-2016 Update:

Local Authorities of Saguache, Colorado were told to locate and dig in a specific spot 2 miles from Mike’s house. They found a shallow grave with a body wearing correct clothing and specifically his custom belt buckle. Most evidence points to this being Mike’s body. The medical examiner’s results are expected to officially confirm in the coming weeks.

I had no idea, nor had ever heard the name Mike Rust until a couple months back when I came across a piece detailing Rust’s disappearance on Huckberry. As it turns our, it’s quite the story complete with it’s own Unsolved Mysteries style twist.

In addition to being an expert bike builder, Mike Rust was part of the “Miner Group,” a collective of Colorado riders who had the crazy idea to ride pedal bikes on dirt through the Rocky Mountains. The Miner Group, along with Gary Fisher’s crew out in Marin, essentially breathed life into the sport of mountain biking.

It’s been five years since Mike Rust disappeared without a trace of evidence, and The Rider & The Wolf sets out to tell his story and shed some light on the case. We’re definitely anticipating the film’s release!

For more on the story of Mike Rust and his disappearance, head over to the Huckberry Journal.

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