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Moab Thaw Festival 2016 Recap

Bar M Trail
EZ does it.

Moab Thaw Mountain Bike Festival

Good friends of past, present, and future gathered in the Utah desert this weekend to ride bikes, drink beer, and usher in spring at the Moab Thaw Mountain Bike Festival.

Moab Thaw

Above: Riding bikes outside in the sun is pretty much the worst thing ever… just ask Michelle.

Trek Fuel EX 9.9

Above: The latest iteration of the Trek Fuel EX 9.9. One thing is obvious from looking around the demo tents at the Thaw… Mid-to-short travel slack 29ers & 27.5+ bikes are in, long travel trail hogs are out.

Porcupine Shuttle

Above: Gotta get up to get down. Thanks for the lift Porucpine Shuttle!

Moab Thaw - Mag 7

Above: Mean ol’ Chad Green keeping things Midwest AF.



Sylvi Fae - Moab Mountain Bike Instruction

Above: Sylvi Fae getting it done on the ‘Tombstone’. Don’t let her perfect technique and cool demeanor fool you – this spot saw more than it’s fair share of trail carnage throughout the day.

Mag 7 Tombstone

Above: Future shredder of America… Logan is thirteen and faster than you.

Magnificent 7 Trail



Mag 7

Above: Your’s truly from a rare moment in front of the lens. Not bad for a desk jockey, eh?


Above: Sylvi again with the picture perfect form and calm of a Jedi.



As always, thanks to Poison Spider along with all the vendors, volunteers, shuttle drivers, and bike tech’s who make this event possible. Also, big thanks to Sylvi, co-owner of Moab Mountain Bike Instruction for playing tour guide. Next time you’re in Moab, be sure and give them a shout for your guiding and instruction needs.

Bar M Trails

Here’s to a great season of desert shreddin’!

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