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Pedal to Paddle Backyard Adventure

Pedal to Paddle

Back·yard ad·ven·ture :

an unusual and exciting, potentially hazardous experience or activity in an area close to where one lives, or the territory close to a particular location.

Ponder the beauty of the bicycle; two wheels, powered by one of the most efficient drive systems ever created, kept upright by the laws of motion. The application of which, is limited only by the imagination, and ranges from pure utility to full-blown adventure machine capable of capturing the wanderlust of children and adults alike; whether that’s a trip to the neighborhood corner store or across the globe in search of your father’s memory on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Furthermore, if objects have souls, than I believe the soul of the bicycle to be the spirit of the backyard adventure which also serves as the inspiration for the pedal to paddle. At it’s core, the idea is simple: Pedal bikes through the mountains to a river, then trade bikes for boats and continue paddling down said river. Why? Cuz why not. See, the great thing about the backyard adventure, like any creative endeavor in life, is that’s it’s out there for the doing. Once imagined, all you have to do is connect the dots and make it happen.

However, this is not a how-to post or trip itinerary. Chances are you can figure out our route and logistics fairly easily with a bit of digital detective work, but what’s the fun in that? Instead, the intent is to inspire you to leave the comfort zone of your familiar trail and seek out your own backyard adventure, where doing simply for the sake of doing, is reason enough. Because one thing is certain, there is adventure all around for those simply willing to look.

WOW Trail - Jim Harris

Zach Grant Cindi Lou

WOW Trail - Jim Harris

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Provo River Rafting

Provo River Rafting

Provo River Rafting

Provo River Rafting

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Thanks to @perpetualweekend, @cindilougrant, and @backcountryliving for indulging me and helping to make this happen. With additional support from coffee, weed, watermelon, & Tecate.

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