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Road to Arcylon Freeride Trail

Road to Arcylon
Road to Arcylon is a newly constructed Park City freeride mountain bike flow trail, and has received rave reviews.

Road to Arcylon Freeride Mountain Bike Trail

This newly constructed freeride trail is a collaboration between WAFTA and Snyderville Basin Recreation and is some of the most fun you can have on two wheels. Riders who are looking for ripping singletrack with medium to large sized trails features, look no further. While the ride is short, Road to Arcylon is accessible enough to get a few laps in making for both a ton of fun and a great workout.

Getting to Road to Arcylon

To access Road to Arcylon, park in the gravel lot near Gorgoza Park. From the car, ride the doubletrack around the pond to the Gorgoza Park Trail. Follow the trail until it connects with the Up Trail, which will take you to the beginning of Road to Arcylon. Note, until you reach Road to Arcylon, the trail has two-way traffic, so be sure to keep your speed in check on the way back down. From the parking lot, the initial climb is about 600 feet, and there is an additional 200 feet to climb out after the initial descent. While you there, I suggest getting in at least two or three laps. After you’ve had your fill, ride back down the Up Trail and exit the way you came. Do not exit the trail or bushwhack through undesignated areas or the trail will be shut down.

View Road to Arcylon Trailhead on Google Maps.

When to ride Road to Arcylon

Road to Arcylon generally dries out around June. Given the nature of the trail, please make sure it’s 100% dry before riding. A lot of hours are put in every year to keep Park City mountain bike trails in top shape and it only takes one selfish rider to ruin them for the rest of us. If you are caught riding the trail while muddy, you will be shamed. While the climb is fairly sheltered, the trail is low elevation which can lead to some hot temperatures during the mid-summer months, especially if you’re wearing proper body armor, so hit it in the early mornings or evenings.

Road to Arcylon Trail Conditions

Snyderville Basin Recreation is an excellent resource for up-to-date Park City bike trail conditions. Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve ridden the trail lately or have more recent trail beta.

View Road to Arcylon elevation profiles and full ride stats on Strava.

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