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Yeti SB-5.5c : First Look

Yeti SB-5.5c

Beef Up With the All-New Yeti SB-5.5c

Yeti defied the shorter-travel trend of 2016 and beefed up their 29er offering with the latest to be released Yeti SB-5.5c. We’re still not exactly sure where slack, longer-travel 29ers fall in the spectrum, as shorter travel brethren such as the Ibis Ripley LS already seem more than capable. However, it’s a beautiful bike that would look great hanging in anyones garage, and we look forward to hearing more about it as the reviews start to filter in.

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Yeti SB-5.5c First Impressions

Bike Magazine

This is a bike that could convince you to do some really stupid things, and will let you get away with most of them.

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What surprised me most about the 5.5c is how capable it is in slower, tighter terrain. On the same trails that riding the 6c was such a fight, the 5.5c was nearly nimble. It pivoted around tight switchbacks—uphill and downhill—very well, and it pedals very efficiently, so it picks up needed momentum quickly.

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Pink Bike

The SB5.5c is a lot of bike, and for many riders the shorter travel and sharper handling of Yeti’s SB4.5c will more than suffice. But for those who are looking for a 29er that can carry an inordinate amount of speed through nasty, chunky terrain, and still comfortably be pedaled uphill, the SB5.5 could be just the ticket. Of course, two days of riding isn’t nearly enough time to comment on durability or to really dive into all the handling and suspension nuances of a bike.

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