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Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers

Have a special someone that’s a mountain biker? Well, you’re in luck. Whether it’s merino socks or jerseys, to techy cycling computers and action cams, cyclists are about as gear obsessed as they come. Below you’ll find our gift guide for mountain bikers with a little something for everyone from stocking stuffers to full-on secure-your-spot in the will gifts. Decisions not your thing? Then send your sender a gift card.

Gifts Under $50

Icebreaker Tech Lite T
Our Pick: Icebreaker Tech Lite T

Icebreaker Tech Lite T’s because they’re as versatile as they are high performance. Icebreaker’s merino fabric naturally regulates temperature while keeping you odor-free unlike synthetic fabrics. Looks good on the trail as well as later at the bar.

Gifts Under $100

Giro Thermal Knee Warmer
Our Pick: Giro Thermal Knee Warmer

Giro Thermal Knee Warmer because leg warmers are one of those items no one wants to buy but everybody needs or is glad they have.

Gifts Under $250

Light & Motion Taz 1200 Bike Light
Our Pick: Light & Motion Taz 1200 Bike Light

Light & Motion Taz 1200 Bike Light because lights are a great way to extend your riding season well into the winter. Not to mention that they help keep you safe whether you’re on the road or trail.

Gifts Under $500

Evoc Bike Travel Bag
Our Pick: Evoc Bike Travel Bag

Evoc Bike Travel Bag because would you put your baby in a hard plastic shell only to get bounced around by roughneck baggage handlers and unforgiving carousels? We don’t think so. If you plan on traveling with your bike, a premium travel bag is a must-have.

Next Level Santa Status

Our Pick: There is no wrong choice here.

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