August… Like Whoa.

Coyote Canyon
A relatively new trail, Coyote Canyon offers up great early season riding with phenomenal views of Mount Timpanogos and the Heber Valley.

August… where did you come from? Last thing we remember we were heralding the arrival of spring and now we’re rounding the bend towards fall. Anyway, you may have noticed that we’ve been quite absent around these parts… turns out riding bikes is way more fun than playing computers.

Oakridge Oregon Mountain Biking

Here’s a quick round-up of some recent goings-ons:

Above: We took a sabbatical from our beloved Wasatch and headed northwest for a few days of riding in the Oakridge and McKenzie River areas of Oregon. Like big swooping descents through old-growth forest and huge-ass trees? Then this is your place. Hopefully we’ll get a more detailed post up in the coming weeks, but here are the quick notes: Hit up Oregon Adventures for your shuttles. Talk trails with the folks at Willamette Mercantile. Not to be missed are Alpine Trail, Dead Mountain Trail, King Castle Trail, and the Oakridge Public House (don’t even get us started on the Oregon beer scene). To be missed: Not being able to pump your own gas.

Frog Lakes Loop, Boulder White Clouds Idaho

Last year about this time, we ventured north to check out some Idaho singletrack in the Boulder-White Clouds. This area features some of the best backcountry style riding anywhere in the world. We’re talking miles and miles of not another soul in sight with some of the most pristine alpine scenery we’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. However, this area is under threat of being restricted to mountain bikes by the passage of a proposed wilderness bill. We’re quite fired up on the matter and it would be downright devastating if this bill passed. Please take a moment and do what you can to save these trails. It seriously only takes 30 seconds and every voice matters – Protect Idaho Mountain Biking.

We’ve been blessed with some badly needed rain. While you’re taking a moment to let the trails dry out, check out Brandon Semenuk’s clip from Unreal. It will have you either jonesin’ to ride or ready to sell your bike after you realize how much you suck in comparison.

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