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Armstrong to Spiro Trail Conditions | May 26 Update

Spiro Trail Conditions

Spiro, HAM, & Armstrong Trail Conditions

May 26, 2016 Update:

I could try and put in to words how incredible this morning’s trail conditions were – but I’d rather just leave it to your imagination. Here’s what I will say, if you’re not taking advantage of the cool temps, tacky dirt, and lush scenery, you’re blowing it.

Armstrong is good all the way to the top. However, Mid-Mountain past the Pinecone junction still has quite a few trees blocking the trail so we’d advise heading down HAM unless you like hopping barriers CX style. With all the traffic that’s sure to be on the trails this holiday weekend, combined with the fact that everything is so overgrown with all the rain, please be extra careful and courteous on the descents.

Additionally, we’d STRONGLY ADVISE that you do not ride or hike/run up Spiro for the reason mentioned above! However, if you must, you’d be best wearing full body armor as it is running fast and tacky as ever!

May 16, 2013 Update:

Spiro Bike Trail

Surely enough, higher elevations trails are starting to melt off. These two trails however still need some time before riding. Armstrong Trail is all good until you get to the base of King Con lift. After that, there are quite a few down trees blocking the trail as well as a handfull of 20-30 foot long snow crossings. The HAM connector and Spiro Trails are the same story. These trails need at least a week and a chainsaw.

In the meantime, there is still plenty of excellent mountain biking to be had in Park City. Flying Dog, Glenwild, Lost Prospector, Solamere, Snowtop, & Round Valley are all dried out for spring & riding nice.

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