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Ibis Mojo 3 – First Look

Ibis Mojo 3

The Ibis Mojo Makes a Triumphant, Plus-Sized Return

Ibis, never a brand to rush new iterations to the showroom floor, has just announced the 3rd coming of the beloved Mojo, with the hot from-the-presses Ibis Mojo 3. The bike, which can be setup with either 27.5 or 27.5+ wheel sizes, is Ibis’ latest answer to the shorter-travel, plus-sized trail bike game, a la the Santa Cruz Hightower. In other words, if you’re looking for a Park City trail bike that has the option of running double-duty in the winter as a light-snow/adventure bike, look no further the Ibis Mojo 3.

Ibis Mojo 3 First Impressions

Bike Magazine

“I’ve ridden several bikes with plus-size tires, and the Mojo 3 is without a doubt the most ‘normal’ feeling. Even with tire pressures as low as 13.5 psi, I was experiencing minimal roll and bounce. While other bikes have a scary undamped pogo effect through technical sections, the Mojo 3 displayed nothing of the sort. Most of the time, I’d forget that the bike had big honkin’ 2.8-inch tires on it, that is, until I needed the added traction or capability they bring to the table. With the Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.8 tires, the DW-link-equipped Mojo 3 simply tears up climbs–the steeper and more technical, the more it excels. The thing simply glues itself to the ground and goes up anything.”

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“If I could do a blind test of the Mojo 3, I’m pretty confident that I’d still be able to tell you that it’s an Ibis through and through. Sure, there are machines of similar travel that have more DH attitude, but the Mojo’s nimbleness raises the fun factor to 11 on all but the scariest terrain, and a lot of riders don’t even have access to those sorts of trails. And rather than hindering the bike’s agility, the plus-sized compatibility only opens up more options when talking about both tire choices and line choices on the trail.”

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“There have been a handful of innovations over the past 10 years that have really pushed the capabilities of mountain bikes in a forward direction, and wider tires/rims is definitely one of them. Combining the added confidence and traction of a 2.8” tire with a proven suspension design makes for an incredibly comfortable, capable, quick and versatile bike.”

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