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Devinci Django – First Look

Devinci Django – Troy’s Sparky Little Bro

Is short travel the new long travel? Seems so far in 2016 the industry is trending toward showing restraint in the suspension department. People must be finally figuring out that you really don’t need that 6.5″ bike on 99% of the trails out there, and with modern bike tech, a slack & punchy 120mm rig is just too much fun and more than capable. The Devinci Django is the latest trail bike from the Canadian brand and sports Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot suspension along with a 67.5 degree head angle and ‘Boosted’ rear.

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Devinci Django First Impressions

Bike Magazine

Welcome then, the Django–a mountain bike. If all the niches disappeared–not that they should, variety is the spice of life after all–this is what a ‘mountain bike’ would look like. Because it has reasonable angles, travel and even wheel size, this bike is suited for a wide variety of trail. If this sounds boring and pedestrian to you, well, it did to me too. Until I rode it.

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Coming to the realization that the latest EWS proven 160mm travel machine would be pure overkill for most of us and the terrain we encounter at our local trails, and choosing a more appropriate option for our immediate needs is a wake-up call that more and more of us are coming around to. This was the precise reason that the team at Devinci designed the Django. While fast and aggressive riders might feel that a bit under gunned on rough-and-ready trails, those looking for a bike to hammer out the miles at their local trail centre and have some fun along the way, will like what they find.

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“Climbs like an XC bike, descends like a DH” is becoming pretty cliché already, but these days that’s what every company wants you to think about their all-mountain/enduro/trail bike. As the industry moves towards shorter travel do-everything bikes the onus is on the designers to do more with less, and somehow maintain the fun and versatility of a bigger bike while shedding the bulk of yesteryear.

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