Bikes on Roof Hang Tag

Bikes on Roof Hang-tag

Yo Dummy, Bikes on Roof!

Picture it now… You’re coming off an epic post-ride buzz, maybe a beer or two deep, thinking about all the calories you’re about to destroy in the form of pizza, beer, burgers, whiskey, tacos, fried chicken sandwiches, or all of the above. You pull in to the drive, and WHAM!!!

It hits you in phases…. denial, anger, disbelief start to set in at the same time as you come to terms with the state that your precious cargo may be in; sandwiched somewhere between the car roof and whatever structure you just ran into. You’re afraid to open the door and survey the wreckage. And the credit card bills… oh, the fucking credit card bills.

Keep your great days great, with this simple Bikes on Roof! reminder hang tag. While results aren’t guaranteed, it sure helps stack the odds in your favor!


1. Put bikes on roof.
2. Hang tag on rear-view mirror.
3. Go for ride.
4. Drink beer and bask in post-ride glory.
5. Drive home.
6. Look at tag, remind self of whats riding on top.
7. Stop in driveway/parking area.
8. Remove bikes from roof.
9. Remove hang tag.
10. Pull in garage.

bikes on roof hang tag

Get Your Bikes on Roof! Hang Tag

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Alex is a designer by trade & mid-grade adventurer by night who’s quite partial to knobby tired bikes, clean design, & dirty hands. When not updating this silly website, he's likely off exploring the nearby hills with a few of his favorite partners in crime.

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